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Unlimited responsive galleries

Global Gallery allows you to create awesome responsive galleries on your wordpress site, requiring no skills at all. At the same time is also adaptive: place it wherever in your website!Choose whether to display your images with fixed sizes, using  columnized disposition, masonry engine or the awesome phothostring (justified) layout. Check out layout examplesSort images, set author, description, tags and title. Finally, set thumbnails center to always display what matters most. Is also possible to set a predefined images sorting: by title, author or date!Each gallery may contain hundreads of images that, obviously, can be paginated using simple arrows, multiple buttons, dots or also infinite scroll system!Standard pagination button is also customizable: there are 4 different layouts to choose from.Link gallery images: simply choose a WP page or enter a custom URL. Linked images will automatically lead to that destination, becoming a nice way to address visitors!

Choose images source!

Why using only the WordPress media library? Global Gallery is ready to catch images from
WP custom elements
(eg. WooCommerce)
Google Drive
Pinterest boards
NextGEN galleries
Local folders
sets + photostreams + tags
Tumblr blogs
Any RSS feed

Automatic gallery creation

Don’t want to lose time selecting images one by one? Global Gallery can create galleries with a single click!Images will be added automatically, letting you the ability to choose whether display titles, authors and descriptions.Set images cache refresh interval or just leave it static. Finally, choose where to randomize fetched images!

WordPress galleries integration

The plugin seamlessly integrates also with WordPress galleries. Acting globally or just for specific pages.But what does it means? WordPress gallery shortcode will be managed through Global Gallery systems. A great way to speed up things on websites already using it!Check how easy is to use the system in this video:

Image tags filter and search

Is not always easy to orientate in a huge gallery: maybe you have hundreads of images about several subjects.With Global Gallery you can tag them, enabling the filtering engine or also count on a live search engine!They will be performed against the whole gallery, respecting pagination parameters. Each filter can also show how many corresponding images has got.Here’s a micro example, you can check more filterable galleries in the collection demo!

Image-to-gallery shortcode

Sometimes you just need a compact image-box to trigger an entire gallery.Global Gallery does also this: 6 different layouts to choose from, fully customizable.Also text over main image is customizable: supporting any FontAwesome icon, HTML and special placeholders to show gallery title and images countCheck out layouts!
Aerial View
+ 12
Aerial View
Aerial View

Images slider

City LightsCity LightsCity LightsCity LightsCity LightsCity LightsCity LightsCity LightsCity LightsCity LightsCity LightsCity LightsCity LightsCity LightsCity Lights
Global Gallery features a fully responsive slider with full control on width and height. It is highly optimized to run on mobile browsers with touch interactions.You can manage each aspect: from images displaying mode to sliding effects, thumbnails sizes, timings, auto-slideshow and shown elements.Plus, as you would do with galleries shortcode, images can be displayed randomly and watermarked!

Images carousel

Galleries and sliders are not enough?Global Gallery includes a fully featured carousel! Responsive, adaptive and touch-ready, can be configured with a lot of optionsIs flexible and adapts to your needs: starting from shown images count to rows number. And obviusly randomizing elements and watermarking them.Has also got a slideshow function, with timing option!
But wait: carousel has also a special “no-mage-crop” mode.Here’s a great example:

  Choose your lightbox!

Why forcing you to use a specific lightbox? Global Gallery comes with 7 lightboxes, ready to use:
Each one doesn’t require custom codes and is customizable with specific options!In particular, LC lightbox brings new features such as images zoom, a true deeplinking system and fullscreen mode.It is also mobile optimized and takes advantage of the touchswipe technologies to provide the best user experience!

Lightbox comments

With LC Lightbox you can take advantage of an incredible feature: comments!You can now allow your visitors to show appreciation on your photos and increase your social activity. Lightbox supports two commenting systems: Disqus and Facebook Comments.Seamlessly integrated and ready to be used out of the box.

Create gallery collections

Need a smart and clean way to display and categorize multiple galleries? With Global Gallery you can group them, creating collections.

Select, sort and manage galleries to be displayed within each collection. Finally insert them in your pages through collections shortcode and decide whether to use category filters or paginate displayed galleries!

For each gallery is also possible to write a short excerpt (including images count), set a custom main image and also define a custom link.

See how it works!

Watermarking system

Protect your images disabling mouse right click and, moreover, with a real watermarking system!

Just choose wich logo to use, its opacity and position. Visitors won’t be able to get original images, creating a super-secure environment, great for e-commerce and copyrighted contents.

System is totally optional: watermark images or not, by simply switching an option in shortcode builder. Here’s a little example using a LCweb’s logo watermark!

A true self-hosted images manager

Control and lightness, this describes the local images manager.
No extra server calls, no third-part APIs that might change during time. Just a, database-free, direct images management system!

Create a folder for each gallery you need and simply bulk upload all your images. That’s all!

Global Gallery is also able to read and edit images IPTC metadata, being an essential companion for professionals using Photoshop or Lightroom.

Being directly connected with server folders, it is also perfect for advanced automated systems automatically uploading images.

Overlay image filters, made easy!​

Initially brought by Instagram, filters, it is undeniable that image effects gives a fresh and modern touch to any website.

The plugin comes with a complete and adjustable set of filtering options (such as grayscale, blur, sepia, saturation and  contrast) to be applied on default or hover status.

Unlimited combinations, your imagination is the only limit!
Hover these images aside to see a little example.

WP builders integration

Stop wondering what hides behind complex shortcodes and start using real-time previews! They are the state-of-the-art of modern wordpress page building, speeding up development.

The plugin isn’t only embeddable through WP Blocks builder, but also natively integrates with WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor and Divi Builder, to give you the best user experience available today on wordpress.

Images sitemap and deeplinks

Do you care about spreading images on search engines?
Global Gallery helps you getting them indexed faster through an handy sitemap to be pushed directly to Google. Let people find you and your images quicker!

But there’s another system coming useful in SEO context: gallery and collection operations are tracked by a complete deeplink system. You can directly link a gallery page or a collection’s gallery as well as gallery tags.

1-click fast setup, preset styles and much more

Are you not familiar with web sizes, margins or colors?
No problem, the plugin comes with 6 preset styles applicable with only one click. Of course every chosen style can be customized to create unique combinations.

As every LCweb project, you the most complete control over plugin’s look and feel. Everything is fully custimizable: sizes, margins, borders, colors, gradients, shadows, overlay position, opacity and behavior.

Is also possible to choose among 16 CSS-based preloaders!

  Customize it!