LC Lightbox

jQuery Plugin

Yet.. another jQuery lightbox.. or not?

Okay, the web is literally plenty of jQuery lightboxes: free and premium, old or new, image-centric or simple text popups. Then WHY this?
Well, keep checking this demo page and find out why LC Lightbox is different from any other script you might find today!

Quite common features

Elements Slideshow

Manually or automatically initialized

Thumbnails Navigation

With customizable thumb sizes and data-type icons

Socials Share

Effective contents sharing
(including WhatsApp on mobile)

Element Contents

Each element can have title, description and author associated

Not-so-common features

Mix Multiple Content Types

Show and mix images, Youtube + Vimeo + Dailymotion + HTML5 videos, iframes, HTML contents

Fullscreen Mode

Proper fullscreen mode covering the entire page or also the entire screen

Elements Download

A direct download button not requiring server-side scripts

Touch Interactions

The whole interface has been created for touch devices and supports swipe + pinch gestures

Components Toggling

Thumbnails and texts can be toggled, having a wider area where to enjoy contents

Dynamic Elements Tracking

Add or remove elements: the lightbox tracks DOM changes in real-time

Html Contents

You can use whatever you need in descriptions: from basic texts to complex HTML structures

100% CSS Driven

Entire lightbox is totally CSS driven, ensuring superior performances

Mouse & Keyboard Navigation

Improve users experience with a more natural navigation system using keys and mousewheel

Methods & Events

Lightbox comes with a well documented and dev-oriented methods and events list

game-changer features

True deeplinking system

Each lightbox item can have its own direct link. It also controls browser history!

Progressive Images Zoom

Pinch or double click on big images to zoom them progressively!

Comments Integration

Let visitors interact with your elements through Facebook Comments or Disqus!

Four Layouts

Yeah: four layout ready to be used. Place contents over elements or under them. Or also adopt a Facebook-like solution placing texts on right / left side!

Easily Skinnable with 3 Preset Skins

Plugin comes with 3 preset skins (light, dark, minimal) and is designed to be easily skinned via CSS. You can also use multiple skins in the same page!

Dual Commands Position

Place commands over shown element or outside, as top bar. But there's more: you can place arrows in middle position and closing button on upper corner!

Elements Custom Behaviors

Set custom sizing rules on an element basis or force outer commands: is easy as adding an attribute into your code!

Totally Adaptive

Thumbnails, fullscreen mode, command positions and texts can be automatically toggled basing on screen resolution

60+ Options

LC Lightbox is incedibly flexible! You can count on a huge options number to tailor it on your needs. Check them!

This is what makes LC Lightbox a great and modern jQuery tool to use in your websites!

And what is the weight amount to have all these features together? Well, only 58KB of javascript and 33KB of CSS.
No extra modules to install and maintain: everything has been thought to be hassle-free and guarantee a quick implementation!

  Live Demos

Images Gallery

Mixed Contents

These are fully-featured demos where you can see how amazing this lightbox is!
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Play with it!

This just shows few of LC Lightbox potential: check the complete options list in the official documentation!

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