Technical Support

Technical Support

First of all

Read carefully item’s documentation

  1. check if there are FAQs related to your issue

How to get support?

  1. Go to LCweb’s support site and register
  2. Be descriptive but concise.
  3. Remember to always paste a link to the issue (where available)
  4. Attaching screenshots often helps to solve problems faster
  5. Keep in mind that support doesn’t mean customization.
    However if you need a tiny job (about 5 mins) I will be glad to help you

Need more?

LCweb plugins are famous to be super customizable.
However sometimes you might need to turn them in your tailored solution.

Feel free to ask for a quotation

Enjoyed the service?

LCweb always tries to do its best to have happy customers.

Often also doing extras, that aren’t included in the tiny price you pay to be supported. 7 ways a week.