API Documentation

Earn creating your add-ons!

From version 5, PrivateContent is totally opened to developers and coded to be extended.
Being a membership plugin, there is plenty of useful implementations and tweaks and this is here's the new big deal!

With a solid base of thousands of customers, PrivateContent is one of the most used wordpress membership plugins in the world. Then, creating add-ons is a great earning opportunity for any developer, having an assured market visibility.

LCweb's best selling add-on already sold 2800+ licenses, without any advertising campaign.
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Want to join PrivateContent add-ons creation but need an idea to start from or want to ask something?
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Add-on creation - Quickstart

Here's the base code used in LCweb add-ons. Feel free to use it as base, to build your awesomeness.

Plugin Name: PrivateContent - Your Add-on Name 
Plugin URI: 
Version: x.xx
Author URI: 

include_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/plugin.php' );
if(!is_plugin_active('private-content/private_content.php') && !defined('PC_VERS')) {
	// not active - shut down add-on and show an admin notice
	function no_plugin_warning() {
		echo '

Please activate PrivateContent plugin to use the add-on

'; } add_action('admin_notices', 'no_plugin_warning'); } else { // add-on codes - do your best! }