Mail Actions - PrivateContent add-on

WordPress add-on

Use e-mails along with PrivateContent systems

An essential module to setup a true membership website: the add-on integrates e-mails in each main PrivateContent process: from notifications to user verification!

Each module can be used singularly, giving you the biggest control possible.
E-mail texts can be also totally customized, taking advantage of dynamic placeholders (eg. basic user data) as well of advanced fields created through User Data add-on.

Finally you can create unlimited HTML templates, essential to give a premium touch to your brand. Each add-on e-mail can use a different template: maximumm flexibility granted!

Verify Users via e-mail

Until now you needed to enable manually users and wondering if e-mails were not fakes. Now PrivateContent does that for you!

Enabling this module new registered users will receive an e-mail containing a personal link, pointing to a preset validation page.
It will take care of validating them, enabling accounts and adding a “verified” mark.

Using this in conjunction with duplicated e-mail block is the best way to build a solid mailing list, composed by trusted people!

Password Recovery

Users with an e-mail will be able to retrieve their passwords simply inserting the  username (or e-mail) in login form.

The system will send a new password to the user. Automatically!
In conjunction with User Data add-on, it will also expire after 20 minutes, becoming a 100% safe system.

As you can see in this login form, process is extremely easy.

MailChimp Sync

Perform serious newsletter campaigns syncing PrivateContent users with your MailChimp account. Procedure cannot be easier: simply create an API key and a list to use as PrivateContent users container!

Every user with a valid e-mail address will be synced and, moreover, user categories and custom fields will be synced. Allowing you to send truly targeted newsletters!

Sync process can be managed manually or automatically, PrivateContent will update the list each time an user is added, changed or removed.

But there’s more: a new form’s disclaimer can be used to ask for maichimp’s subscription allowance. And even if they unsubscribe through newsletter, the change will be reflected on your site!

User & Admin Notifiers

By default you had to open your website to check for new subscribers. Also users had to try login to understand if their account has been enabled.

Mail Actions add-on solves these problems, with tools to notify admins when new user registers and notifying users as soon as their accounts are enabled!

Plus, admins can also be warned as soon as a user self-deletes itself.
Optimize your time and give a better experience to subscribers!

Quick Mail

Sometimes you need to contact users quickly and have no time to setup whole MailChimp system.

Mail Actions has got a really fast system for this: just write mail title, text and choose which user categories (or single users) want to reach.

You can also use User Data shortcodes to display custom fields and predefined placeholders to dynamically get users data.

Finally, an attachment can be added!

Welcome & Goodbye Messages

What is the difference between a basic and an advanced platform? How it cares to subscribers.

This is why is important to send a professional welcome and goodbye e-mail to users.

An essential tool to perform the first contact with them, maybe inserting registration data, as reminder. As well as a nice way to get in touch with a user deleting its account.