Files Manager - PrivateContent add-on

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Any file you need, totally safe!

Private files exchange could be an essential section for membership websites.
It’s important to be able to manage any file type you may need: from simple images to big Adobe files.

Unlimted files, complete safety.
Once uploaded, your files will be stored in a standalone server folder totally inaccessible by anyone not owning right credentials.

Even knowing the direct file URL, the restriction engine will block any external access.

Unlimited upload fields

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        Upload fields allows you to store files for single users.
        Invoices, documents, sensible data: everything accessible only by a single user.

        Each field can be tuned to accept very targeted elements: file types, sizes, maximum files number, download limits. Plus, special image-oriented options to require minimum and maximum sizes.

        Obviously you can insert those fields in any registration or data-update form.

        Entering the user dashboard you’ll see a dedicated section where upload fields and user files are listed. You can also skip forms and upload files directly in there!


        Retricted files with folders structure

        Files manager add-on allows you to store, catalog and restrict large amount of files in few clicks.

        Being a true files manager, you can split files into folders and subfolders (with unlimited levels). Each folder can be restricted or inherit restrictions, speeding up managements to the maximum. Plus, you can set download limits for every folder!

        Then, simply drop your files over the interface and it will do the rest.
        Once uploaded, you can precisely set which user categories will be able to access  files, overriding folder restrictions.

        To orientate among hundreds of files will never be a problem, the interface allows you to sort and search files in the most natural way possible.

        User files search hub

        Imagine this use case: there is upload field where users can upload their images, PDF receipts (etc) and you need to create reports out of those files. Or maybe know which user uploaded a file.

        Crossing the PrivateContent database data, Files Manager brings a true search engine dedicated to user files, with advanced filters.

        To get all file types from a specific upload field or uploaded in a specific date range will never be a problem!

        How much time can save this in management daily tasks?!

        Downloads tracking

        Thanks to PrivateContent users tracking system, you won’t be just able to see how many times  files are downloaded but every detail.

        Specially through the User Activities add-on: in real-time and with full user’s data available. Just think about being able to know who and when downloaded your files!

        You could use alsso Google Analytics: the add-on triggers events about files download.

          File Views

        Create unlimited file views choosing among six different layouts and tune them as you prefer.

        This includes files pagination, sorting mode and even the power to optionally display images through a lightbox!

        Display specific user files or a restricted files group: they can be filtered and searched as you prefer. You can even manually pick restricted files to create a custom collection!

        But there’s more: live files search and folders navigation!
        Finding your files will never be a problem: the live finder searches in the filename and extension, returning your files in no time!
        In case of complex structures  you can also enable the function to show the folders navigation sytem, turning the view in a true multi-folder hub!
        Check layout examples to test them!

        Log in to see layout examples

        Note how displayed files change dependig on the logged user category.
        Feel free to perform any test with direct links: