PrivateContent - Changelog

v8.11.4- release date 30/04/2024
  • fixed javascript typo in Gutenberg elements
  • fixed login error message shown twice in WooCommerce forms
v8.11.3- release date 19/04/2024
  • fixed password data key managed even if it doesn't exist (started in v8.11.2)
v8.11.2- release date 07/04/2024
  • new passwords are now stored "addslashed" to comply with WordPress systems
v8.11.1- release date 01/04/2024
  • added WooCommerce HPOS compatibility declaration
v8.11.0- release date 23/03/2024
  • updated settings engine
  • updated licenses manager
  • new translations text domain used in plain text for extra-PHP compatibility
  • fixed users list search by "last access" now ignores users with no access
  • fixed get_users queries counting results not grouping by ID
v8.10.7- release date 07/03/2024
  • updated licensing system
v8.10.6- release date 04/03/2024
  • updated licensing system (fixing domain not linked issue - started on v8.10.5)
v8.10.5- release date 03/03/2024
  • new better login error report in WP forms
  • new form ID encryption now not does not depend on the date (to avoid cache system issues)
  • fixed users list's advanced search using categories
  • fixed dynamic CSS not recreated on plugin's update
v8.10.4 - release date 16/02/2024
  • fixed logical bug in the user permissions check flag passed to add-ons
v8.10.3 - release date 11/02/2024
  • fixed new honeypot system malfunction on long-domain websites
v8.10.2 - release date 10/02/2024
  • new honeypot algorithm with client-side check
  • fixed lightbox on page's opening not checking WP user session
v8.10.1 - release date 04/02/2024
  • added new PHP global flagging users check already passed
v8.10.0 - release date 03/02/2024
  • updated Excel export system, now outputting xslx file
  • updated settings engine
v8.9.3 - release date 19/12/2023
  • fixed JS error if no "remember me" or "forgot psw" module is active on login form
v8.9.2 - release date 15/11/2023
  • new improved data sanitization on settings update
  • fixed HTML markup removed from WP editors when saving plugin settings
v8.9.1 - release date 12/11/2023
  • fixed fixed real-time conditional settings field toggle
v8.9.0 - release date 10/11/2023
  • added settings export/import system
  • new avoid usig lodash in the Gutenberg context
  • updated plugin options retrieval algorithm, improving performances
  • updated french frontend translation
  • fixed restriction applied also on backend for WooCommerce products with private sale
v8.8.3 - release date 11/10/2023
  • fixed "required" HTML5 attribute erroneously applied to every field
  • fixed browser's HTML5 validations interfering with plugin's one
v8.8.2 - release date 04/10/2023
  • fixed message styles class not found on custom CSS creation on plugin's activation
v8.8.1 - release date 03/10/2023
  • warning box flexbox improvements
v8.8.0 - release date 02/10/2023
  • added 6 message styles to choose from
  • added forms outer shadow options
  • added fullwidth login form buttons and fields options
  • added recaptcha v2 integration - asking for challenge if suspect is found
  • added EXISTS- NOT EXISTS condition for get_users query
  • new login form layout re-done with modern CSS techniques
  • new revealable password function extended to user deletion form
  • new user deletion form layout re-created
  • new moved to fetch JS for faster frontend ajax calls
  • new mixed get_users query framework improvements
  • updated settings colorpicker
  • updated spanish front translation
  • fixed numerical comparisons in get_users queries
  • fixed icon picker not throwing the lightox when clicked
  • fixed inline CSS option not staying active
  • fixed wrong cookie setup timezone
v8.7.2 - release date 29/06/2023
  • fixed wrong cookie setup timezone
v8.7.1 - release date 27/06/2023
  • updated LC WordPress Dashboard to support User Activities add-on
  • fixed form labels using "for" attribute not properly
v8.7.0 - release date 23/06/2023
  • new User Activities add-on integration
  • new user private page contents injectable through placeholder
  • new better login cookie expiration calculation
v8.6.2 - release date 05/04/2023
  • fixed syntax error calling PHP method for GA4 integration
v8.6.1 - release date 04/04/2023
  • fixed javascript error occurring triggering events when GA4 integration is not active
v8.6.0 - release date 02/04/2023
  • new Google Analytics 4 integration
v8.5.1 - release date 23/03/2023
  • updated Gutenberg integration (WP 6.2 compliant)
  • fixed "PvtContent Admin" users having extra capabilities
v8.5.0 - release date 06/03/2023
  • added visibility control for any Elementor block
  • added support to time input fields through APIs
  • added support to select optgroup through APIs
  • new improved lightbox-on-page-opening behavior with touch devices
  • fixed Woo product price restriction for variable products
  • fixed Woo product price restriction not unlocking also for logged users
  • fixed PvtContent admin role users not able to edit users data
  • fixed HTML5 validation on mandatory radio checks
v8.4.8 - release date 07/02/2023
  • new new password creation now follows min psw length if greater than 10 chars
  • updated “pc_custom_field_type” filter
  • fixed get_users() method using complex meta-based search patterns
v8.4.7 - release date 21/01/2023
  • fixed hidden conditional fields visible on mobile (on specific cases)
v8.4.6 - release date 20/01/2023
  • updated LC WordPress Dashboard
v8.4.5 - release date 16/01/2023
  • fixed Elementor placeholder strings shown also on frontend
v8.4.4 - release date 11/01/2023
  • fixed anti-bruteforce not checking for blacklisted on server side
  • fixed Elementor integration - deprecated functions
v8.4.3 - release date 21/12/2022
  • fixed any woo product cannot be added to cart on some websites
  • updated LC WordPress Dashboard
v8.4.2 - release date 20/12/2022
  • updated LC WordPress Dashboard
v8.4.1 - release date 15/12/2022
  • fixed fatal error rarely occurring on the new Woo price restriction system
v8.4.0 - release date 13/12/2022
  • added WooCommerce products sell lock and price hiding system
  • added "not like" search operator in "get_users" method
  • added fields groups distinction for fields framework
  • added further check for dynamic CSS creation upon update
  • new users query API now supports multiple search blocks with mixed search operators (check documentation for examples)
  • new "submit" buttonn moved to right position in paginated forms, for better UX
  • new advanced users search now can target any registered field even if not shown in the users list table
  • new password revealer iconn now applied also to login form
  • new improved users query performances with complex search patterns
  • new better scripts enqueuing
  • new if email field is mandatory for some system, now will be always included in registration forms
  • updated dutch translation
  • fixed user categories - specific redirects not saving empty values
v8.3.1 - release date 23/08/2022
  • fixed variable typo in import system
v8.3.0 - release date 22/08/2022
  • new browsers focused fields outline removed
  • new values coming from multi-option fields now show labels instead of DB IDs
  • new better browser’s “save password” integration for login form
  • updated LC WordPress Dashboard
  • fixed user_id parameter in form fields validation
  • fixed MagPop issue focusing LC Select search field
  • fixed buttons loader color not following styling
  • fixed wp data saving for wp-synced users
  • fixed multi-choice values in Divi integrations
  • fixed “no username field” setup not respected on mobile
v8.2.3 - release date 13/05/2022
  • fixed disclaimer layout in single-column forms
v8.2.2 - release date 12/05/2022
  • fixed wp-synced user logged out suddently after login if using sessions control
  • fixed ?pc_logout not working with WP user sync + no session control
v8.2.1 - release date 29/04/2022
  • updated LC WordPress Dashboard
v8.2.0 - release date 28/04/2022
  • unified anti-cache login/logout parameter automatically hidden on page's opening
  • added shortcode to print logged user's private page contents wherever
  • added targeted users export for advanced search
  • added category registration field placeholder
  • added partial hungarian translation
  • added elementor blocks helper for hidden login/logout forms
  • fixed RangeSlider value not rendered on frontend of Gutenberg blocks
  • updated LC WordPress Dashboard
v8.1.4 - release date 08/03/2022
  • updated LC WordPress Dashboard
v8.1.3 - release date 06/03/2022
  • LC WordPress Dashboard obfuscated codes arranged to not be reported by security systems
v8.1.2 - release date 03/03/2022
  • IMPORTANT: if you have add-ons installed, disable them before updating. Then update and activate them again.
  • LC WordPress Dashboard introduced
  • fixed Gutenberg blocks not displayed in user pvt page
v8.1.1 - release date 15/02/2022
  • removed LC Dashboard menu mistakenly added in previous release (it will come soon, sorry!)
v8.1.0 - release date 11/02/2022
  • added optional login token system to avoid concurrent sessions
  • fixed password containing slashes and double quotes management
v8.0.8 - release date 31/12/2021
  • fixed "remember me" text position on narrow contexts
v8.0.7 - release date 23/12/2021
  • fixed logout redirect target
  • fixed no registration form option for user categories
v8.0.6 - release date 05/12/2021
  • fixed PHP static methods not executed by call_user_func()
v8.0.5 - release date 02/12/2021
  • fixed lightbox instances not found in settings dropdowns
  • fixed admin user creation not leading to user dashboard
v8.0.4 - release date 01/12/2021
  • fixed dropdowns now shown in lightbox forms
  • fixed dynamic CSS not created on plugin's activation/update
v8.0.3 - release date 23/11/2021
  • fixed preset contents not applied in user pvt pages managed through Elementor
v8.0.2 - release date 21/11/2021
  • fixed "file" field types getting mistakenly styled
  • fixed admin bar showing with logged synced users
v8.0.1 - release date 19/11/2021
  • fixed array atts used instead of string in repeat psw field
v8.0.0 - release date 18/11/2021
  • added visibility restriction for any Gutenberg block
  • added Divi Builder native integration
  • added new user pvt page mode, replacing the whole page (useful with builders)
  • added login attemps limit in order to avoid bruteforce attacks
  • added option to use only e-mail and password to create new users
  • added option to show pagination summary on top of forms
  • added option to use only one password field with revealer in forms
  • added option to display password requirements
  • added separator form block
  • added "pvtcontent admin" WP role, to create targeted user managements
  • added option to auto-login users after registration
  • added password generator button while adding users in admin side
  • added responsive typography
  • columns totally sortable and manageable in useres list
  • dynamic and customizable frontend CSS instead of static CSS styles
  • LC select now used in forms
  • single checkboxes displayed through LC Switch
  • better "remember me" cookie management
  • users pvt pages now editable through Divi
  • frontend form layout totally revamped with modern CSS techniques
v7.4.7 - release date 20/09/2021
  • fixed code typo in WP user sync function
v7.4.6 - release date 05/08/2021
  • fixed javascript error in logout button
v7.4.5 - release date 30/07/2021
  • fixed single pending user enabling
  • fixed users counter for various states on users management
v7.4.4 - release date 27/07/2021
  • fixed uninitialized JS vars on frontend
v7.4.3 - release date 26/07/2021
  • fixed user pvt page management with Elementor
v7.4.2 - release date 23/07/2021
  • fixed users list search and category filter
v7.4.1 - release date 22/07/2021
  • fixed minor v7.4.0 glitches
v7.4.0 - release date 21/07/2021
  • users list commands interface redesigned
  • added compatiblity codes for WP 5.8
  • added Gutenberg support for user private pages
  • added columns sorting and hiding system in users list page
  • fixed user cookie not renewing on each pageview
  • fixed custom checkbox check/uncheck/recheck
  • fixed WP-forms psw changes not tracked for synced users
  • fixed forms refreshing system ignoring dynamic URL changes
v7.3.8 - release date 05/06/2021
  • fixed WP-synced users login/logout on each page, causing nonces malfunction
v7.3.7 - release date 26/05/2021
  • fixed bulk usser list commands not executed
v7.3.6 - release date 21/05/2021
  • fixed HTML tags not kept in settings fields
v7.3.5.1 - release date 20/05/2021
  • fixed missing dropdown style in settings
v7.3.5 - release date 19/05/2021
  • fixed conditional fields in settings
v7.3.4 - release date 16/05/2021
  • fixed custom URL restrictions - data saving
v7.3.3 - release date 08/05/2021
  • code refactoring to adhere new Codecanyon standards
v7.32 - release date 16/08/2020
  • removed PHP session login to avoid WordPress 5.5 nuisances
  • fixed custom message for users not having reserver area
  • fixed widget restriction field disappearing on save
v7.312 - release date 23/07/2020
  • fixed user private page contents override conflicting with some systems (eg. Yoast)
  • fixed further login form redirect bug
v7.311 - release date 21/07/2020
  • fixed login form redirect bug
v7.31 - release date 20/07/2020
  • Google Recaptcha v2 upgraded to v3
  • private settings hidden if system is disabled
  • helper added into import screen for fresh installations
v7.3 - release date 17/07/2020
  • added user-category-based registration redirect
  • better check for login form "small" texts width
  • dynamic CSS enqueued using cache ID, avoiding troubles with optimizers
  • redirect restrictions are now skipped while editing in Elementor
v7.24 - release date 13/03/2020
  • fixed registration forms builder - stored texts not shown
  • fixed widgets integration interfering with Elementor
  • minor CSS form improvements
v7.23 - release date 01/03/2020
  • added typography control for forms
  • fixed WP user sync when logged user updates its password
v7.221 - release date 27/11/2019
  • fixed WP user query condition specifying categories and other parameters
v7.22 - release date 23/11/2019
  • added native Gutenberg integration
v7.212 - release date 31/10/2019
  • removing Secure Links add-on advertising
v7.211 - release date 21/10/2019
  • introducing Files Manager add-on
v7.21 - release date 19/10/2019
  • updated pc_custom_field_type filter structure to allow Files Manager add-on systems
v7.201 - release date 06/09/2019
  • fixed require_once() path in import/export page (issue started in v7.2)
v7.2 - release date 04/09/2019
  • restyled user dashboard page
  • new users list action buttons
  • individual WP roles emulation now remind about globally emulated roles
  • fixed users list pagination buttons
v7.141 - release date 14/08/2019
  • fixed incompatibility with Polylang menu language switcher
v7.14 - release date 12/08/2019
  • fixed bulk WP-to-pvtContent user sync behaviors when errors were found
v7.131 - release date 05/07/2019
  • fixed on v7.13 a PHP debugger was mistakenly left enabled
v7.13 - release date 29/06/2019
  • added partial Bulgarian translation
  • fixed private pages format when managed through Elementor
  • fixed Elementor integration > category assignment in registration form
v7.121 - release date 09/05/2019
  • fixed javascript issue in "edit user" page (issue started in v7.12)
v7.12 - release date 08/05/2019
  • fixed false positive issue detected by WP 5.2
v7.11 - release date 18/10/2018
  • fixed incompatibility with polylang menu lang switch
  • fixed clear_auth_cookie logout redirect happening on certain sites
  • new online documentation
v7.1 - release date 30/08/2018
  • Major redirect restrictions cache performance improvement
v7.03 - release date 17/08/2018
  • Visual Composer styles applied to user private pages
  • Better password sync between pvtContent and WP users
v7.022 - release date 06/06/2018
  • fixed users self-deletion with WP user sync enabled
v7.021 - release date 30/05/2018
  • removed old code about pvtcontent role selection in WP users page
v7.02 - release date 29/05/2018
  • added functions forcing Yoast SEO to ignore user private pages
v7.014 - release date 25/05/2018
  • fixed get_current_screen() function not found
v7.013 - release date 20/05/2018
  • fixed password sync on existing user update
v7.012 - release date 16/05/2018
  • fixed manual database update trigger
v7.011 - release date 16/05/2018
  • fixed password check in user deletion box
v7.01 - release date 15/05/2018
  • fixed database migration automation from v6
v7.0 - release date 14/05/2018
  • GDPR comply
  • passwords hasing changed, using WP's one
  • synced users are now totally invisible in WP users list
  • added users deletion box (shortcode)
  • added system to import single WP user directly
  • added system to bulk import WP users by role
  • added system to sync registered frontend WP users into pvtContent
  • added system to edit custom WP user fields in "edit user" page
  • added option to add page exceptions to the complete lock system
  • added greek translation
  • fixed HTML5 validation when forms were included in a section HTML tag
v6.231 - release date 05/04/2018
  • fixed single quotes usage into javascript in "add user" page
  • fixed missing spanish translations
v6.23 - release date 04/04/2018
  • added username check to comply with WordPress format. Alphanumeric chars allowed plus: _, space, ., -, *, and @
v6.221 - release date 16/03/2018
  • added retrocompatibility for wp_doing_ajax function
v6.22 - release date 12/03/2018
  • user private pages excluded from WP admin queries
v6.211 - release date 04/03/2018
  • fixed restrictions wizard layout in taxonomies
v6.21 - release date 02/03/2018
  • added pc_export_form action
v6.2 - release date 28/02/2018
  • User Private Pages are now manageable through Visual Composer and Elementor
  • added Elementor's native support for PrivateContent shortcodes
  • fixed restrictions saving in widgets
v6.103 - release date 23/02/2018
  • fixed meta values saving (in case of single and double quotes)
v6.102 - release date 22/02/2018
  • fixed user meta database setup (issue started on v6.1)
v6.101 - release date 20/02/2018
  • fixed old recaptcha file required in registration handler
v6.1 - release date 19/02/2018
  • new recaptcha system (please check again settings)
  • "remember me" now checked also clicking on its label
  • database structure improvements
  • added option to disable menu restriction along with complete site lock
  • added option to not use login cookies
  • fixed roles emulation in WP user sync
  • fixed textarea line breaks saving in forms
v6.063 - release date 22/12/2017
  • minified frontend javascript file used (saving 8KB)
  • fixed textarea line breaks saving in forms
v6.062 - release date 14/11/2017
  • fixed users deletion from "edit user" page
v6.061 - release date 11/10/2017
  • fixed HTML5 validation for disclaimers and multi-checkboxes
v6.06 - release date 08/10/2017
  • fixed login redirect using WP forms
v6.05 - release date 07/10/2017
  • added excerpt + custom contents in Contents Hiding
  • fixed HTML5 validation for dropdown fields
v6.042 - release date 19/09/2017
  • fixed "Remember me" custom checkbox usage in lightbox
v6.041 - release date 15/09/2017
  • fixed "Remember me" custom checkbox usage
v6.04 - release date 29/08/2017
  • PC_LOGOUT url attribute now removed after usage, to avoid interferences
  • fixed dropdown overlapped by other elements in menu restrictions wizard
  • fixed cookies setup on logins performed through WP forms
  • fixed restrictions helper legend width on Edge
  • fixed widgets restrictions wizard
v6.032 - release date 15/08/2017
  • fixed variable typo in redirect_engine.php
v6.031 - release date 04/08/2017
  • fixed php bug in analytics class
v6.03 - release date 31/07/2017
  • pc_reg_form_builder_ignore_fields filter replaced by pc_no_wizard_indexes
  • better wpautop margins management in lightbox
v6.025 - release date 21/07/2017
  • fixed shortcode wizard usage in Mail Actions
  • fixed errors collection in settings (on certain servers)
  • fixed "no label" mode under 450px
v6.024 - release date 18/07/2017
  • fixed user geolocalization in Analytics
v6.023 - release date 15/07/2017
  • fixed custom checkbox usage (issue started on v6.022)
  • fixed WPML integration in API redirects check
v6.022 - release date 14/07/2017
  • fixed javascript handlers not seeing elements loaded asynchronously
v6.021 - release date 12/07/2017
  • fixed shortcode wizard usage in Mail actions add-on settings
  • fixed lightbox-on-opening flashing
v6.02 - release date 08/07/2017
  • improved password fields management in settings engine
  • updated dutch translation
v6.01 - release date 28/06/2017
  • added partial Estonian translation
  • fixed lightbox max-width
  • fixed single select not initialized
  • fixed WP synced user not detaching on non-multisite installations
v6.0 - release date 24/06/2017
  • brand new restriction engine with improved restriction's helper
  • is now possible to just hide pages content
  • users can now login also using their e-mails
  • new fom fields design option: no-label and bottom-border
  • new form messages design
  • new warning box design
  • improved forms CSS
  • new (modular) shortcode wizard engine
  • new logout button HTML structure - to be used with WP editor alignments
  • is now possible to import multiple multiple-value fields (use a comma to split values)
  • new settings engine
  • each dropdown is now rendered through JS plugin to uniform its aspect
  • checkboxes are now rendered through JS plugin to uniform their aspect
  • top margin removed from all forms
  • specific post' "logged user's redirect" option removed - now manged globally in settings
  • specific post comments "show warning" option removed - now manged globally in settings
  • plugin updater now notifies even if not enabled
  • added Google Analytics integration to track user activities
  • added lightbox engine usable through class attribute - allowing any content within
  • added contents "hiding" through persistent lightbox
  • added registration button in warning box
  • added contents hiding options - excerpt / excerpt + warning box / warning box / custom content
  • added forms paginator to split fields into sections
  • added forms HTML5 validation with tooltips
  • added forms alignment shortcode parameter
  • added icon and placeholder options for default fields
  • added icon option for form buttons
  • added placeholder color and buttons font size options
  • added option to set specific fields vertical and horizontal padding
  • added specific login message for disabled users
  • added polylang integration
  • added users category ID column in cats management page
  • updated german translation
  • fixed "48yrs ago" last access
  • fixed "smalls" line height in login form
  • fixed WP synced users deletion on WPMU
  • new filters: pc_setting_errors, pc_settings_tabs, pc_before_save_setting, pc_set_mail_required
  • new actions: pc_settings_extra_code, pc_inline_css, pc_addons_menu_ready, pc_user_added_by_admin
  • removed filters: pc_settings_validations
  • removed actions: pc_settings_tabs_list, pc_cust_style_setting_opts, pc_settings_messages, pc_settings_tabs_body
  • pc_tinymce_tabs_list and pc_tinymce_tab_contents actions become pc_tinymce_tabs filter
  • pc_form_valid_errors filter changed - now must pass array
v5.33 - release date 23/05/2017
  • fixed PC-HIDE taxonomies implementation
v5.32 - release date 07/04/2017
  • fixed custom login message showing in WP forms
v5.31 - release date 15/01/2017
  • added norwegian translation
  • fixed warning box displaying with visual composer
v5.302 - release date 30/11/2016
  • fixed posts restriction cache WPML compatibility
  • fixed posts restriction cache - terms static cache
v5.301 - release date 26/11/2016
  • fixed user allowance check if no user is logged
v5.3 - release date 23/11/2016
  • new forms loader
  • better login session/cookie management
  • added static posts restriction cache increasing performances
  • added restriction helper also in post lists
  • added logged user's cache on permissions check
  • added pc_posts_restr filter to manage posts query filtering
  • fixed shortlinks to pending users
  • removed: pc_terms_wp_query_filter and pc_pages_wp_query_filter filters
v5.232 - release date 16/11/2016
  • fixed url restriction - strip parameters
  • fixed cornerstone implementation
v5.231 - release date 04/10/2016
  • added partial argentine translation
  • fixed custom unlogged-user-restriction page's URL finder
v5.23 - release date 03/10/2016
  • fixed restriction engine if a WP page is restricted for an unlogged user
  • fixed URL-based restriction setup on multi-options choice
v5.222 - release date 26/09/2016
  • fixed users list whe only simple search is used
v5.221 - release date 24/09/2016
  • fixed users list pagination when category/search filters were used
v5.22 - release date 22/09/2016
  • fixed URL-based restriction not detecting URL/regexp
v5.21 - release date 18/09/2016
  • users list improved on searches, showing respective user counts for each status and maintaining parameters switching status
  • added global admin variable to know if logged WP user can edit users $pc_cuc_edit
  • added pc_bulk_cat_assign_done action
  • added pc_bulk_user_del action
  • added pc_user_staus_changed
  • fixed users sorting on complex queries
v5.2 - release date 02/08/2016
  • pc_custom_restriction filter now supports regular expressions
  • plugin now tries to purge WP-super-cache and Fastest Cache to avoid issues
  • added visual composer and cornerstone native integration
  • added custom restrictions wizard (url-based + regex support)
  • added pc_user_session_checked action to safely operate after user session management
  • added body class flagging if user is logged or not
  • fixed plugin CSS disabling
v5.13 - release date 25/06/2016
  • added clear_auth_cookie integration code to avoid logout on psw change
  • fixed bulk users activation
v5.12 - release date 10/06/2016
  • added finnish translation
  • added auto plugin updater system
v5.11 - release date 20/04/2016
  • security fix about bad meta data saving in database (please follow update instructions)
v5.1 - release date 12/03/2016
  • settings now keep selected tab through savings
  • avoid browser fields autopopulation in add user page
  • improved custom taxonomies and post type restriction management
  • users list badges now on two columns
  • ligther WP loop integration
  • improved restriction helper in edit post and posts list
  • fixed get_users query bug on searching only with meta
  • fixed possible menu builder integration
  • fixed WP synced flag on manual user addition
  • fixed password update without repeat check in "edit user" page
  • fixed default private page content saving in settings
  • fixed wrong code composition in shortcode yellow warning
  • new action: pc_cust_style_setting_opts to add custom styling options
  • new filter: pc_custom_redirect_url to manage used redirects
  • new filter: pc_custom_field_type to create custom field types
  • new filter: pc_pages_wp_query_filter to manage WP_query's excluded pages
  • new filter: pc_terms_wp_query_filter to manage WP_query's excluded terms
  • new filter: pc_forced_page_restriction to force pages restriction
  • new filter: pc_forced_term_restriction to force terms restriction
  • new filter: pc_reg_form_custom_valid to add custom validation in registration forms
  • new filter: pc_affected_pt to manage integrated custom post types
  • new filter: pc_affected_tax to manage integrated taxonomies
  • new_filter: pc_extra_user_check to perform extra checks on cat-based acceptance
  • new filter: pc_user_cat_dd_opts to add custom options in restriction dropdown
  • new filter: pc_reg_form_builder_ignore_fields to remove fields to be used in form builder
  • new filter: pc_forbidden_field_indexes to add field indexes that must not be used in add-ons
v5.061 - release date 23/01/2016
  • frontend spanish translation completed
  • fixed data_to_human method while managing categories from passed data
v5.06 - release date 18/01/2016
  • better registration form button position to avoid misunderstandings
  • new admin icon
  • improved compatibility with Layers builder
  • fixed users private page preview
  • fixed redirects management
v5.056 - release date 14/01/2016
  • fixed category redirect if login through WP form
  • fixed users private page live preview
  • minor bugfixes
v5.055 - release date 08/01/2016
  • fixed change_status query (occurring with PHP < 5.4)
v5.054 - release date 07/01/2016
  • improved multi-option fields validation for certain servers
v5.053 - release date 06/01/2016
  • fixed get_users query with PHP < 5.4 o status change
  • minor code fixes
v5.052 - release date 30/12/2015
  • improved compatibility with WP logins using ajax
  • fixed "remember me" cookie setup
  • fixed logout for WP synced users
v5.051 - release date 27/12/2015
  • fixed error message if login data are from deactivated user
  • fixed remember-me cookie system
v5.05 - release date 24/12/2015
  • added romanian frontend translation
  • fixed WP-synced user deletion on pvtContent user deletion
  • fixed password check error during import
v5.04 - release date 19/12/2015
  • new password encryption system avoiding mcrypt functions
  • improved menu restriction wizard integration
  • fixed password strength error report
v5.032 - release date 18/12/2015
  • fixed registration category check
v5.031 - release date 18/12/2015
  • fixed glitch in login form messages
  • fixed user permissions check
v5.03 - release date 18/12/2015
  • improved logout system and cookie management
  • improved private page comments support for themes
v5.021 - release date 17/12/2015
  • fixed widget glitch affecting few themes
  • fixed private page container behavior with "only original content" option
  • fixed private page editor - minor textual issues with WP 4.4
v5.02 - release date 17/12/2015
  • added Slvak (partial) frontend translation
  • fixed custom messages usage
  • fixed private page preview link
v5.011 - release date 15/12/2015
  • added initial check for required encryption functions
  • fixed categories check error during registration
  • fixed redirect loop when using complete site lock
v5.01 - release date 14/12/2015
  • fixed menu restriction
  • fixed menu restriction wizard issue on some old installations
  • fixed testing mode check for WP logged users
  • fixed user data get in login/logout functions
v5.0 - release date 14/12/2015
  • complete code redesign with new optimized engine.
  • code is now dev-oriented and full of hooks to extend it
  • passwords are now encrypted in a proper way and not visible anymore in admin panel for security reasons
  • plugin prefix is now pc instead of old pg (with settings exception for retrocompatibility)
  • users meta table added into database
  • deleted users are now definitively deleted from database (with custom data associated) to be lighter
  • comments in private pages are now of of beta phase and should work on any theme
  • added unlimited registration form builder
  • added text block for registration forms
  • added widget restriction module
  • added comment restrictions (require WP-user-sync enabled)
  • added advanced users search in users list
  • added bulk categories assignment in users list
  • added custom roles simulation for WP-synced users
  • added ability to set let user select multiple categories during registration
  • added specific redirect if page is restricted for unlogged users
  • added custom category field label in registration forms
  • added name-surname / first-last name switch
  • added user status and private page controls in "edit user" page
  • added labels sie control in form style manager
  • added polish translation
  • updated localization files
  • updated WP menu integration to avoid incompatibilities
  • fixed user session in WP if pvtContent still exists
  • fixed long labels display in login form
v4.044 - release date 09/12/2015
  • Fixed issue with Private Pages editing in WP 4.4
v4.043 - release date 28/08/2015
  • blocked WP e-mail if synced user is updated
v4.042 - release date 18/08/2015
  • updated widget code to be compatible with WP 4.3
v4.041 - release date 04/06/2015
  • updated svedish translation
  • fixed "Last login date" heading during export
v4.04 - release date 21/05/2015
  • added partial czech traslation
  • Complete site lock now compatible with WPML
  • better javascript management for old browser flag
  • fixed ?pg_logout logout system
v4.031 - release date 26/02/2015
  • LC switch implemented, replacing old iPhone checks
  • WPML support for categories name - now translatable through String translation add-on
  • Users private page support for wordpress shortcode
  • improved password strength variable type check in settings
v4.03 - release date 19/01/2015
  • added proper Woocommerce category restriction
  • added honeypot security in login form
  • fixed topbar visiblity if new pending users exist
  • fixed form sending with "enter" key press
v4.021 - release date 07/12/2014
  • added fix for User Data shortcode by Mail Actions add-on
v4.02 - release date 03/12/2014
  • compatibility with User Data add-on v1.4
  • better checkbox validation with allowed values
  • integer numbers maxlength validation
v4.013 - release date 19/11/2014
  • fixed further issue with logout. Now immune to WP actions after logout
v4.012 - release date 19/11/2014
  • fixed logout system conflicting with restriction one
  • updated spanish translation (thanks to pbrandao)
v4.011 - release date 18/11/2014
  • fixed user access check bug in case of "unlogged" + WP synced user
  • updated LC update notifier
v4.01 - release date 13/11/2014
  • improved category restriction system
  • fixed last access date management with PHP <5.3
v4.0 - release date 09/11/2014
  • added sync with WP users system
-- option to enable comments in user private page for synced users
-- option to require sync during regisrtation
  • added forms custom skin builder
  • added password strength options (now minimum length is 4 characters)
  • added elastic registration form layout
  • added "remember me" ption for login
  • added disclaimer field for registration form
  • added honeypot antispam system as default alternative to recaptcha
  • added users sorting in list
  • added user last login date in users list
  • added user categories option to set visibility in registration form
  • added user categories option to set custom redirect after login
  • added user's private page preview
  • added specific class for each form field's wrapper
  • added status flag in "edit user" page
  • added option to detach website from user's private page system
  • added system to logout users adding ?type=pg_logout to page's URL
  • added import system - option to abort if duplicated user is found
  • added croatian and georgian localizations
  • added pvt content shortcode - blocked user categories (also in php API)
  • added custom registration category in registration form shortcode (also in php API)
  • added custom redirect in login/logout shortcodes (also in php API)
  • login system improved with sessions + cookie usage
  • users list restyled and improved
  • import system -> file type check improved
  • recaptcha structure restyled and 100% responsive
  • updated forms loading animation
  • updated translation templates and localization files
  • updated user_logged() API, checking in real time disabled/deleted users
  • fixed users search on certain servers
v3.261 - release date 12/06/2014
  • fixed frontend javascrip file
v3.26 - release date 11/06/2014
  • added option to control successful login message
  • added Mail Actions implementation on users import
  • updated LC update notifier
v3.25 - release date 19/04/2014
  • fixed shortcode wizard on WP 3.9
v3.24 - release date 15/04/2014
  • added allowed mimetype for CSV importing
  • added afrikaan translation
  • updated LC update notifier
  • updated chosen.js script
v3.232 - release date 15/03/2014
  • fixed php declarator issue with PHP5 strict mode
v3.231 - release date 12/03/2014
  • fixed update notifier get_plugin_data() issue
v3.23 - release date 11/03/2014
  • added LCweb update notifier system
  • added minimum WP role to manage users
  • added security nonces
v3.22 - release date 13/12/2013
  • admin styles refreshed for better WP 3.8 compatibility
  • added missing strings in the admin translation template
  • custom redirects now translatable with WPML
  • categories hidden in WP category widget
  • export buffer control to improve compatibility
  • fixed redirect exception for PCMA landing page
  • fixed WP nav menu management with strict PHP
v3.21 - release date 18/10/2013
  • shortcode wizard now usable in settings and Mail Actions pages
  • fixed admin translation template
  • fixed submenu restriction
v3.2 - release date 06/10/2013
  • added restriction option to show contents only to unlogged users
  • added one click website lock
  • added style selector and two new form styles
  • added redirect to the latest restricted page after login
  • added helper in posts/pages restriction metabox
  • added custom CSS field to help quick fixes and customizations
  • backend and frontend completely translatable (WPML certified)
  • Restrict pages/posts now are hidden on any WP query
  • Restriction fields and boxes restyled
  • Main redirect target ignored by restriction to avoid wrong settings
  • Documentation walkthrough reviewed and updated
  • fixed WP user roles restriction for plugin menu and private pages management
  • fixed exporting issue with headers and non latin characters
v3.16 - release date 06/08/2013
  • fixed pending user notifier fix for WP 3.6
v3.15 - release date 02/08/2013
  • added spanish translation
  • updated update-notifier now compatible with WP 3.6
  • pending users data now are visible
  • fixed pending users pagination
v3.14 - release date 22/05/2013
  • fixed registration form bug when a custom field having non-latin chars is used
  • fixed custom forms handler bug
v3.13 - release date 08/05/2013
  • added german and danish translations
  • shortcode wizard rebuild
  • registration and login forms now can be used with the ENTER key
  • login form fields protected from iOS autocorrect and autocapitalize
  • brazilian translation updated to the latest version
  • fixed export system bug with non-latin characters
  • fixed little weakness on the metabox
v3.12 - release date 17/02/2013
  • changed the reCAPTCHA javascript code position to avoid IE issues on few themes
v3.11 - release date 01/02/2013
  • fixed custom redirect (for login and logout) bug on frontend
  • fixed custom redirect option glitch in the settings
  • Chosen and Iphone Checks plugins updated
v3.1 - release date 20/01/2013
  • added category fields for the registation field
  • added French translation
  • added Persian translation
  • javascript fixes for jQuery 1.9 compatibility
v3.01 - release date 12/12/2012
  • fixed WP 3.5 compatibility issues
v3.0 - release date 07/12/2012
  • added import system from CSV file
  • added custom url feature for redirects
  • added wizard to extend restrictions also to CPT and custom taxonomies
  • added minimum WP role to manage users
  • added preset text to display before or after users private page content
  • added "test mode" to test restrictions without logging out
  • added "mail actions" add-on predisposition
  • added turkish translation
  • fixed accented letters bug on input fields
  • fixed accented letters bug on input fields
  • fixed reCAPTCHA validation bug
  • basic CSS improvements to avoid interferences
  • global code cleanup
v2.33 - release date 17/09/2012
  • fixed bug on user private page on WP 3.4.2
  • added CSS code to avoid dropdown issues
v2.32 - release date 23/08/2012
  • Plugin paths fixed to work also with WP renamed folder structure
  • Hook changed for the redirect to avoid issues on certain websites
v2.31 - release date 27/05/2012
  • fixed bug related to the password in the add-user page
v2.3 - release date 23/05/2012
  • added sortable fields for the registration form
  • added redirect for logged users after logout
  • basic CSS improved
  • compatibility improved
  • minor bugfixes
v2.21 - release date 23/03/2012
  • fixed registration form builder bug
v2.2 - release date 16/03/2012
  • added localization support for the frontend elements
  • added redirects for logged and registered users
  • added default private page content for new users
  • added enable/disable by default the private page for new registered users
  • admin UI restyled
  • javascript code improvement
v2.1 - release date 26/02/2012
  • fixed visibility bug with different users levels
  • fixed menu items visibility bug for children elements
v2.0 - release date 10/02/2012
  • Registration form implemented
  • Redirect system implemented
  • Menù item visibility implemented
  • add "pending" status for users
  • Settings page restyled
  • minor bugfix
v1.0 - release date 31/01/2012