Advanced Filters - Media Grid add-on

WordPress add-on

Your contents, discoverable in a click

Media Grid is an incredible system to show your contents and now you have another tool, dramatically improving user experience: unlimited filters!

Single or multi option and also numeric ranges: your items won’t be lost anymore in your grids and visitors will get exactly what they are searching for in few clicks.

Filters are composed by sections: each section may have an associated icon. Then there are section options: also them may have icons. Obviously sections are freely sortable during filters setup.

Each section can be also integrated in the powerful Media Grid deeplinking system: your complex filters will be sharable!

But there’s more: Advanced Filters add-on is natively integrated into WooCommerce and automatically turns attributes and product price into sections.

What does it mean? For example you will be able to filter products by price range!


4 filters position + 3 options layout + summary bar

Advanced filters add-on adapts to your contexts.
Totally responsive, you can place them on four different positions:

  On top
  Top button
  Left side
  Right side

Each filter can have a different position.
There are also three ways to display single and multi option fields for each filter:

  Inline blocks
  Options list

But there’s even more: is also possible to place a summary bar on top of grid items.  Chosen filters will be summarized and can be removed on the fly, to have an unbeatable user experience!

  Try it!

Here’s a demo grid composed by static items: check all the positions to see how options can be displayed!
Please note “color” is a multi-option field, while “type” allows only one choice.

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