v7.051 - release date 12/08/2020
 - fixed: gallery builder bulk controls missing in wordpress v5.5

v7.05 - release date 01/07/2020
 - Instagram source discontinued because of their public endpoint block
 - fixed: tags filter while using spaces or matching just first gallery image

v7.042 - release date 04/05/2020
 - updated: Facebook API version for lightbox comments

v7.041 - release date 03/03/2020
 - fixed: collection descriptions save

v7.04 - release date 28/02/2020
 - fixed: gallery images link (page link) saving

v7.03 - release date 11/02/2020
 - textarea height auto-managed in gallery builder
 - fixed: wrong images matching with tags filter if there's no pagination

v7.02 - release date 09/02/2020
 - better ajax save for manual galleries, helping servers with strict POST request limits 

v7.013 - release date 28/01/2020
 - fixed: remaining $/jQuery namespace problems in gallery builder

v7.012 - release date 26/01/2020
 - fixed: images picker pagination

v7.011 - release date 23/01/2020
 - fixed: manual galleries publishing

v7.01 - release date 22/01/2020
 - fixed: old javascript function call in gallery builder

v7.0 - release date 14/01/2020
 - added: gallery images search engine
 - added: filter/search/pagination deeplinking system creating true URLs
 - added: Gallery image sitemap for self-hosted images
 - added: Collections pagination system
 - added: automatic infinite-scroll pagination
 - Async manual gallery saving avoiding server limitations
 - gallery tags filter now follows pagination rules 
 - LC lightbox updated
 - global code refactoring/cleanup

v6.611 - release date 21/11/2019
 - little Gutenberg integration refactoring

v6.61 - release date 20/11/2019
 - native Gutenberg integration

v6.6 - release date 08/11/2019
 - updated: Instagram source, now fetching from any public profile
 - updated: LC lightbox to v1.2.8
 - Facebook source discontinued due to FB blocking the way GG fetches images
 - WP thumbnails used in gallery builder instead of custom ones

 - fixed: textarea line breaks not rendered in lightbox

v6.53 - release date 14/08/2019
 - new facebook sharing system for LC lightbox
 - frontend CSS files enqueued singularly for better performances 
 - updated:Isotope Script

v6.52 - release date 04/04/2019

 - updated: Facebook PHP SDK

v6.51 - release date 21/03/2019

 - fixed: icons not showing in gallery categories management
 - fixed: tinymce javascript error showing in "edit gallery" page

v6.5 - release date 03/02/2019

 - Google+ source deprecated because of Google Photos API
 - fixed: WordPress gallery integration with Gutenberg

v6.42 - release date 14/01/2019

 - fixed: image not showing in collections manager (on chrome)

v6.41 - release date 01/01/2019

 - fixed: shortcode wizard ignoring chosen overlay

v6.4 - release date 05/12/2018

 - Shortcode wizard moved among editor buttons to guarantee Gutenberg compatibility

v6.32 - release date 24/11/2018

 - updated: LC Lightbox

v6.31 - release date 03/11/2018

 - fixed: pinterest images fetching

v6.3 - release date 04/10/2018

 - added: gallery images sorting system
 - added: Real Media Library plugin's integration as source
 - added: image-to-gallery option for WP galleries  
 - removed 500px codes
 - limited FB recursive calls to avoid new limits 

v6.21 - release date 25/09/2018

 - fixed: wp-galleries pagination

v6.204 - release date 17/08/2018

 - fixed: mobile tags dropdown mode implementation

v6.203 - release date 09/08/2018

 - fixed: (again) pagination commands visibility during tags filter

v6.202 - release date 07/08/2018

 - fixed: pagination commands visibility during tags filter

v6.201 - release date 17/07/2018

 - fixed: gallery meta setup using auto-population

v6.2 - release date 14/06/2018

 - removed: 500px integration due to API removal

v6.123 - release date 15/05/2018

 - fixed: Fontawesome override on the website

v6.122 - release date 12/04/2018

 - fixed: Facebook images fetching limits

v6.121 - release date 11/04/2018

 - fixed: custom main image setup in collections builder

v6.12 - release date 10/04/2018

 - Facebook integration now lists up to 1000 page albums 
 - updated: Facebook PHP SDK

v6.112 - release date 12/03/2018

 - updated: LC Lightbox to v1.2.3

v6.111 - release date 19/02/2018

 - updated: LC Lightbox to v1.2.1

v6.11 - release date 16/02/2018

 - fixed: easy sorting mode in gallery builder
 - fixed: ggom attributes used without "data" prefix
 - fixed: lightbox patterns URL

v6.1 - release date 07/02/2018

 - added: photo comments brought by LC Lightbox v1.2
 - updated: Timthumb script
 - fixed: Polylang interference with WPML integration

v6.013 - release date 21/01/2018

 - fixed: double lightbox scripts enqueuing

v6.012 - release date 20/01/2018

 - fixed: Carousel integration in Visual Composer

v6.011 - release date 11/01/2018

 - fixed: WP galleries integration

v6.01 - release date 08/01/2018

 - collection galleries description now supports HTML
 - Tags filter is now case sensitive
 - slow zoom effect now also on image-to-gallery
 - slow zoom disabled on "no-crop" carousels
 - LC Lightbox - slideshow is stopped whenever zoom acts

 - added: static carousel mode
 - fixed: tags filter when only one image matches

v6.0 - release date 05/01/2018

 - new watermarker engine with more options
 - new textual filters layout 
 - new "full-image" overlay layout
 - new carousel sizing system with (optional) responsive height
 - better collections sizing system with (optional) responsive height
 - galleries have now no vertical margins to be better managed in builders
 - better galleries width management to perfectly fill their containers 
 - refined sliders style
 - improved gallery and collection builders user interface
 - new shortcodes wizard and settings interface

 - added: image tags system to filter them within galleries
 - added: image-to-gallery system
 - added: columnized gallery layout
 - added: auto-link option for images coming from WP posts
 - added: custom main image system for collection galleries
 - added: images slow zoom on hover (optional)
 - added: ability to show gallery images count in collection descriptions
 - added: option to show images count in slider
 - added: color options for pagination elements 
 - added: options to control filters padding and borders width 
 - added: RTL mode
 - added: galleries filter by category on admin side

 - updated: LC lightbox (better zooming function)
 - updated: Facebook PHP SDK
 - updated: Google PHP Client
 - updated: Slick JS plugin

 - fixed: minimum width management in photostring layout
 - fixed: galleries frontend "quick edit" button  
 - fixed: photobox thumbnails usage

v5.512 - release date 07/10/2017

 - fixed: Flickr tags recognizing

v5.511 - release date 18/09/2017

 - fixed: facebook images pagination in builder

v5.51 - release date 09/09/2017

 - better logic switching between gallery and global values
 - fixed: colorbox implementation

v5.505 - release date 06/09/2017

 - fixed: js error detected preloading images on edge

v5.504 - release date 31/08/2017
  - fixed: images preloading

v5.503 - release date 26/08/2017
 - fixed: javscript vars not found using "js in head"

v5.502 - release date 21/08/2017
 - fixed: Elementor's integration issue with Overlay Manager add-on on activation

v5.501 - release date 21/08/2017

- fixed: fatal error on elementor's integration (happening on certain websites)

v5.5 - release date 20/08/2017

- ajax mode removed - elements now dynamically initialized
- better "easy sorting" and "bulk actions" systems in gallery builder

- added: "no crop" option for carousel
- added: Elementor native integration

- updated: isotope, slick and galleria scripts

- fixed: Carousel images height saving on WP galleries integration
- fixed: lightbox random throwing when slider was used

v5.421 - release date 15/08/2017

- fixed: PHP/CSS coding error in custom css file

v5.42 - release date 30/07/2017

- Dropbox codes definitively removed
- updater now shows updates warning even if not active
- NextGen gallery images now fetched considering custom sorting
- Collections now scale to gallery's height, once chosen

- added: custom text for "all" filter
- added: note about transparent color in filteres

v5.414 - release date 05/07/2017

- fixed: socials usage by Overlay Manager add-on

v5.413 - release date 14/06/2017

- fixed: pagination using normal buttons

v5.412 - release date 01/06/2017

- fixed: Collection's execution when thumbs min-width was bigger than screen
- fixed: LC Lightbox zoom system

v5.411 - release date 04/05/2017

- fixed: lightboxes image container visibility

v5.41 - release date 02/05/2017

- updated: LC lightbox to v1.01
- fixed: LC Lightbox usage when deeplink is disabled
- fixed: LC Lightbox usage when multiple sliders are in one page

v5.402 - release date 21/04/2017

- fixed: autopopulation fields missing
- fixed: slider's autoplay
- dropbox classes initialization removed

v5.401 - release date 20/04/2017

- fixed: standard layout with few images
- fixed: paginbation buttons layout on chrome
- fixed: overlays effects on IE11

v5.4 - release date 15/04/2017

- LC Lightbox implemented with zoom/deeplink/fullscreen
- HTML5 data attributes are now used

- fixed: overlay hover effect on IE 11
- fixed: lightbox opening with carousels made with WP galleries

v5.32 - release date 03/04/2017

- Dropbox wizard removed as public folders are not available anymore

v5.314 - release date 30/03/2017

- fixed: plugin'S CSS folder missing (issue started with v5.313)

v5.313 - release date 29/03/2017

- fixed: MG_DIR constant used in loaders switch

v5.312 - release date 16/03/2017

- fixed: plugin'S CSS folder missing (issue started with v5.311)

v5.311 - release date 10/03/2017

- fixed: collection galleries title switch

v5.31 - release date 16/02/2017

- new slider icons for thumbs and texts toggle
- fixed: slider using title as description
- fixed: overlay visibility on load

v5.3 - release date 12/02/2017

- gallery images now totally lazyloaded
- overhauled pagination system
- pagination buttons style totally renewed
- collection galleries cached
- gallery pages cached
- back to collection now scrolls to previous point
- WP galleries management - new graphic
- WP galleries management - added carousel support

- added: numbered buttons pagination system
- added: dots pagination system
- added: 3 optional icons for secondary overlay
- added: 16 preloaders to choose from
- added: imageLightbox and lightcase lightboxes

- updated: fontAwesome to v4.7
- fixed: google drive source - now ignores trashed elements
- removed: lightGallery due to license change

v5.203 - release date 29/11/2016

- fixed: collection's overlay positioning

v5.202 - release date 21/11/2016

- fixed: bug on standard layout management

v5.201 - release date 20/11/2016

- fixed: photostring layout on chrome
- fixed: random chrome glitch on images rendering

v5.2 - release date 16/11/2016

- new galleries picker in collections builder
- added: custom overlay class in galleries wrapper
- added: collections ID (on hover name) in Collections Manager

- updated: Galleria slider script
- updated: slick carousel script
- updated: isotope script to v3

- fixed: collections filter deeplinking
- fixed: collections sorting and outline showing on certain websites
- fixed: slider - showing bar even if no text was in
- fixed: cURL usage

v5.112 - release date 27/10/2016

- fixed: lightboxes scripts footer enqueuing

v5.111 - release date 25/10/2016

- fixed: lightGallery and TosRus enqueuing paths

v5.11 - release date 22/10/2016

- better lightboxes scripts enqueuing
- fixed: autopopulation system using Google Drive

v5.103 - release date 19/08/2016

- fixed: colorbox styles enqueuing

v5.102 - release date 12/08/2016

- fixed: easy sorting mode with new columnification system

v5.101 - release date 27/07/2016

- fixed: images data selection in gallery builder

v5.1 - release date 26/07/2016

- wp_remote_get() used instead of cURL where possible
- better images columnification in builder
- improved shortcode wizard lightbox

- added: visual composer and cornerstone native integration
- updated: instagram integration - only possible to fetch personal images (due to API changes)
- fixed: LCweb lightbox - doubled images in carousel

v5.12 - release date 10/06/2016

- added: finnish translation
- added: auto plugin updater system

v5.11 - release date 20/04/2016

- security fix about bad meta data saving in database (please follow update instructions)

v5.01 - release date 27/05/2016

- updated: Easy WP thumbs to v2
- fixed: linked images system
- fixed: autopopulation with google-based sources

v5.0 - release date 17/05/2016

- gallery layouts rebuilt from scratch and now detecting real time wrapper changes
- new overlay effects
- new connection hub for Google+, Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox sources
- new Google Drive limitless integration with images search
- new facebook integration with limitless images fetching
- overhauled builder engine, PHP classes based and unified among sources
- instagram integration now fetches up to 100 images

- added: twitter integration fetching images from profiles and hashtags
- added: instagram integration using hashtags
- added: Simple Lightbox lightbox
- added: images outline
- added: collections category icons
- added: main overlay visibility behaviors
- added: two preset styles (light and dark minimal)
- added: noscript element added with fullsize image for SEO

- updated: Light Gallery lightbox
- updated: magnificPopup lightbox
- updated: colorbox lightbox
- updated: Isotope to v2

- fixed: collection'a wrapper height on gallery choice
- fixed: carousel alignment on resize
- fixed: image extension removed from fetched Google+ images

v4.211 - release date 18/02/2016

- fixed: carousel image effects management
- fixed: colorbox lightbox slideshow usage

v4.21 - release date 16/02/2016

- fixed: colorbox lightbox implementation

v4.2 - release date 05/02/2016

- new carousel thumbnails management
- improved Facebook compatibility with latest updates
- settings page now keep tab selected through savings
- google drive usage currently deprecated and fixed on autopopulation

- fixed: carousel image effects
- fixed: builder's image selection

v4.104 - release date 10/01/2016

- fixed: HTML tags and double quotes usage in image descriptions from WP 4.3

v4.103 - release date 13/11/2015

- fixed: image picker's click action on single picture

v4.102 - release date 08/11/2015

- fixed: galleria slider - theme loading error message
- fixed: images index finding in Tos'r'us and colorbox lightboxes

v4.101 - release date 20/09/2015

- author label removed from slider, because of WP 4.3 texts management

v4.1 - release date 12/09/2015

- improved carousel navigation interface
- flickr - now fetches description
- improved Instagram username finder
- magnific popup now used in admin panel
- followlocation cURL instruction used (where available)
- CSS3 background used in admin panel if thumbnails are disabled

- updated: slick.js (carousel)
- updated: Easy WP thumbs

- fixed: images count during bulk deletion

v4.042 - release date 19/08/2015

- updated: Flickr compatibility with albums

v4.041 - release date 29/07/2015

- updated: Pinterest integration, replacing RSS url

v4.04 - release date 16/06/2015

- updated: PrettyPhoto to v3.1.6 - fixing XSS vulnerability
- double tap behavior disabled in slider

v4.03 - release date 04/06/2015

- updated: Pinterest fetching system with improved compatibility

v4.02 - release date 30/05/2015

- new Google+ connection replacing the deprecated Zend Gdata
- fixed: carousel displaying on RTL sites

v4.01 - release date 12/05/2015

- local folder images now fetched with asort() function
- fixed: Flickr pagination

v4.0 - release date 03/05/2015

- added: image carousel
- added: Google Drive (public folder) images source
- added: Flickr user photostream and tag images source
- added: WP custom post type taxonomies image source
- added: Photobox lightbox
- added: shortcode wizard option to set pagination system
- added: option to keep "back to gallery" button visible on scroll

- watermarker script updated and improved
- LCweb lightbox - better "text under" management
- improved galleries sizing management

- now compatible with Overlay Manager add-on (for Global Gallery)

v3.241 - release date 07/03/2015

- Easy WP thumbs updated - now supports images not having extension in URL
-- fixed related 500px pictures compatibility

v3.24 - release date 26/02/2015

- added: compatibility option to use fullsize images in LCweb lightbox thumbnails
- galleria slider now awaits for wrapper to have sizes (tabs compatibility fix)
- LC switch implemented, replacing old iPhone checks
- updated: magnific popup
- updated: Dropbox SDK

v3.23 - release date 04/01/2015

- fixed: collections width detection
- fixed: collections sizing in relation to minimum width
- NextGEN fetching order reversed
- improved watermarker image extension finder
- updated: Facebook SDK

v3.221 - release date 19/11/2014

- fixed: facebook images URL - removed v3.203 workaround
- updated: LC update notifier

v3.22 - release date 13/11/2014

- tinyMCE implementation improved
- RSS images URL now doubly checked
- LCweb lightbox: improved anti-scroll system
- fixed: masonry centering system
- fixed: collection borders implementation
- fixed: LCweb lightbox text block showing on resize if there's no text

v3.211 - release date 05/11/2014

- Dropbox API updated to be compatible with Dropbox PHP SDK, v1.1.4

v3.21 - release date 12/10/2014

- Google+ fetching improved
- fixed: WP galleries - images order fixed
- fixed: slider thumbnails visibility if "no borders" is set
- fixed: collections saving if no elements are in

v3.203 - release date 07/10/2014

- facebook integration overhauled to bypass images number limit
- added PHP code to fix broken facebook images (thanks to battleck)
- added CSS code to delete image bottom margins ruining layouts

v3.202 - release date 05/10/2014

- fixed: collections sizing if shadows are enabled

v3.201 - release date 05/10/2014

- fixed: masonry sizing if shadows are enabled
- fixed: photostring sizing not respecting tiny images width
- minor CSS improvements

v3.2 - release date 04/10/2014

- added: CSS3-based galleries loader
- added: option to enable Easy WP Thumbs forcing mode
- added: option for dropdown filtering on mobile