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Database Tables

PrivateContent stores data in two database tables: pc_users and pc_user_meta.
First one for main users data, and latest for meta. Just like WordPress does with posts.

Feel free to store anything you need into meta table using related class.
It supports also arrays and objects (plugin will serialize it).

pc_users structure:
iduser's ID
insert_datedate when user has been inserted.
Related to WordPress timezone and saved in datetime format
nameuser's name (max 150 chars long)
surnameuser's surname (max 150 chars long)
usernameuser's username (max 150 chars long)
pswuser's password (encrypted)
categoriescategories belonging to user (serialized IDs array)
emailuser's email (max 255 chars long)
teluser's telephone (max 20 chars long)
page_iduser's private page ID
wp_user_idWordPress user ID linked to PrivateContent user (if zero - no user linked)
disable_pvt_pageboolean value (1/0) to know whether user's private page is disabled
insert_datelast login date.
Related to WordPress timezone and saved in datetime format
statususer's status (1 = active / 2 = disabled / 3 = pending)
pc_users structure:
meta_idmeta data ID (related to a single user)
user_iduser ID the meta belongs to
meta_keymeta key (max 255 chars long)
meta_valuemeta data value (string, integer or serialized array/object)
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